I. Objectives:
To definite characteristic of acid and base

II. Theory:
Acid and base is two chemistry matter faction which of vital importance. In everyday life we recognize matter which we classify as acid, for example acetate, sour sitrun, tamarind, sour belimbing, and also" gastric acid". One of acid character is likely acid. We also recognize various matters which we classify as base, for example lime putty, caustic of soda, water soaped, and water is dusty. One of nature of base is dissolve fat, that is why dusty (polishing powder) applied to clean saucer.( Mahardika, C.N.P.: 2010)
Though acid and base have different flavor, not wise to show a kalinity and acidity by the way of tasting it, because can destroy husk and poisonous. Now there is a way of practical to know base and acid an material that is by using acid base indicator ( litmus paper). (Purba, Michael: 2006)
An acid-base indicator is not always a synthetic chemical. It is often a complex organic dye that undergoes a change in color when the pH of a solution changes over a specific pH range. Many plant pigments and other natural products are good indicators, and synthetic ones like phenolphthalein and methyl red are also available and widely used. (Ghany, Hafizah: 2008)
The example of natural indicator which can be made by yourself are rose extract, hibiscus extract, tumeric, wild ginger, and red cabbage extract. (Kamilati, Nurul: 2009)
Way of making natural indicator from turmeric is is with grating turmeric which have been cleaned, then filtered turmeric extract by using alcohol apply cloth into small bowl.

III. Tools and materials:

1. 10 ml Vinegar.
2. 10 ml Soap solution.
3. 10 ml Lime solution.
4. 10 ml Sprite.
5. 10 ml Aquades
6. Shoes flower extract(10 shoes flower pounded+ water, then filter the extract), colour of extract is purple.
7. 1 Pipette.
8. 5 Glass

IV. Steps:
1. Pour the all solution in the 5 glass, give name in every solution, the next see the colour and write the colour.
2. Take shoes flower extract with pipette, next drop in the 5 glass, every glass 4 drop. See change the colour and write in the table.
V. Data:
No. Material Colour
Before add flower extract After add flower extract
1. 10 ml Vinegar. Transparant Light yellow
2. 10 ml Soap solution. White Red brownish
3. 10 ml Lime solution. Brown Orange
4. 10 ml Sprite. Transparant Yellow
5. 10 ml Aquades. Transparant Light yellow

VI. Discussion
An solution will give certain colour if reacted with indicator. At experiment is this of indicator which applied is turmeric. Discoloration happened turmeric acid base indicator is give buff colour when dissolved in acid solution, give colour jingga at base solution and give light yellows colour at neutral solution.

Done first attempt at 10 ml Vinegar before in tetesi chromatic turmeric indicator transparant and after in drops chromatic light yellow, colour perception between an with different other, actually which seems to be at picture ought to is buff and this means indicating that vinegar is sour faction however observation which done alter solution becoming light yellow.

Before After
Attempt secondly done at 10 ml Soap solution before dropped by is chromatic turmeric indicator white and after dropped by is chromatic Red brownish, actually this colour indicate that the solution is basic with colour jingga however way of someone look into colour different each other. So colour Red brownish which intended is jingga.

Before After
Attempt which third done at 10 ml lime solution before dropped by is brownian chromatic turmeric indicator and after dropped by is chromatic orange. The same as attempt firstly and both colour perception one can differ in because various factors, orange colour actually is buff colour.

Before After
At done fourth attempt at 10 ml sprite. Before dropped by is turmeric indicator, chromatic solution transparant and after dropped by is chromatic yellow. Colour from solution before and after dropped will become darker from situation initialy, so that inferential solution have the character of acid. Actually basic soda beverage however at the beverage lable written down by sprite lemon hence from the of condensation have the character of acid.

Before After
At last attempt is 10 ml aquades. Before dropped by is turmeric indicator, chromatic solution transparant and after dropped by is chromatic light yellow. Colour from the solution indicate that aquades have the character of neutral.

At attempt which done by 5 different solution for testing character from base solution and acid solution which have been done, still there are a lot of lacking of between its are different colours perception between theories and observers. Parameter inexistence for determining if the acid be like what, and the base be like what, so the things of neutral situation so that can become clearer.

VII. Conclution
Based on attempt result available for classified as acid is Vinegar Lime solution, Aquades Sprite. While showing nature of base is Soap solution.
VIII. References
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Kamilati, Nurul. 2009. Chemistry for junior high school VII. Jakarta: Yudhistira
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